Monday, August 22, 2016

I'm coming home...

Hey Readers!

It's definitely been a while since I posted anything. Life has been quite the roller-coaster,  but the kind I think I like...

For those who have never read my blog...Welcome! I'll make this a nightly treat!

So0o... tonight I come home from a closing shift at work.

My dishwasher needs to be emptied. My laundry is still in the washer...and luckily my cat (mind you is still in dis-array cuz her two feline friends moved out is f-ing crazy) is somewhat calm.

I take my nightly liquids (if you know me you know what that entails) and begin the cleaning process.

As most of you who work with me know, I consider myself what is hard to find...say it... A WORKING MANAGER!

When I come home...I'd like to relax, but when the above or my apartment isn't up to par... my O.C.D. kicks in and begin to organize and clean to what I expect my house to look like at...2am.

Do you ever come home and get annoyed that little stuff isn't cleaned up or just messy?

I'm the type who makes my bed before work, even if it makes me late (which isn't the case anymore) because if I come makes me more calm. Try it!

Try coming home to my litter box smelling. Shitty kitty (Haha Noel). My dishes are still in the dishwasher... (oh wait, their mine...I think). The trash/recycling is never taken out...or in the wrong barrel... (f*ck me).

As a restaurant manager and as a working manager I bust my ass helping my team which isn't said for many floor managers or GMs. But, when I get home and spot clean when I'm suppose to breathe and "relax" I'm more tense.

I sometimes consider a new career in counseling  (I am an adult babysitter) or some type of organizational living, but I just don't know.

Who else gets home and does this extra cleaning?

I legit came home and...
1. Clean the litter box
2. Chang the laundry
3. Clorox wiped the kitchen
4. Took out trash
5. Emptied then dishwasher
6. Fold laundry

I need a true vacation where I have no worries.

Can I have an A-men!?

Monday, December 29, 2014

Where's your party meeting?

I sometimes wonder what is wrong with the people in today's world, When they enter a restaurant, I just keep singing "If YOU only had a brain..." Don't you..?.Servers? Few in far between there is a day...during a season...where you have a party... that you expect to be perfect... and make boat loads of money...

 I had a server the ready to take a party of 20 in the BAR AREA (some of you may want to call it a lounge). Which means there are segregated tables where guests, such as yourself, can order food and drinks (even just drinks) but ... a server will serve you.

The guests decided to not go to the table from the start, while it was ready and so was the server. Each person, ONE-BY-ONE went to the bar then to the table. Completely depriving the server of any alcoholic drinks on their check except food. Which we all know is shared or not eaten.

I'll give you another scenario. Many times in this "BAR" area guests who get drinks at the bar will take up a table. As much as this annoys the server, because it is their assigned section (not just open tables) they are okay with the fact more-so because they don't need to worry about you. "You didn't want table service or a server? You can go to the bar! So...F*ck off when you want a re-fill".

People I've experienced are 1. Pretty Cheap 2. Fake 3. Get a clue. 4. Tip your damn server!!! 5. You are awesome! 6. Thank You for understanding!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Teachers...I can love them...or... I can hate them!

This post is dedicated to OPRAH!

I learned early on in life that teachers are amazing. They are basically your moms while you are in school. These people are with you all day or for a full hour or so everyday. I mastered the teacher's pet definition when I was in school, before ONLINE-College.

Oprah re-assured me that teacher's were God's gift to earth. It reminded me that they were a select awesome group of people.

I became a server... I began serving groups of teachers at a Tavern in Nashua, NH.

I now know the following:
1. If a group of teachers are getting together, make a a note of who is getting what. They will always ask for the check to be split. They are going to claim they are the lowest paid profession. (I know a couple teachers making 70k or more)

2. Know what you are charging for and the pricing. They will make sure they know what price the menu says or any discrepancies) and how to tip 20% or less and nothing more than 15%.

If there is a grammatical error in your menu or speech, they win the case. No, you aren't in court or dealing with a lawyer, a teacher called you out and they taught you...YOU LOSE.

Overall, just be prepared for these guests, who love and raise our "Children of the future" to certainly be ready for a good time but to also be as critical of the service they get as they are about every book report or math test that comes across their desks. Today's PREPARED!

Friday, November 21, 2014


This is the majority of servers in America feel today. I can't quite go into detail about it anymore, because this wonderful person #ThadraSheridan nails it.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Server Dreams!

The other day I was telling one of my favorite bartenders how I had a weird dream...

"I had trouble sleeping, but when I did the dream right before, I thought I was late for work... I dreamed... That I was on a vacation on a tropical island (I always have wanted to travel to Figi) where people with me had specific orders and I thought because of my bar and server knowledge I would get their drinks and figure out how I would teach/tell their server how to ring it in later."

Unfortunately, it appears that in dreams your subconscious is your worst enemy. As I was trying to make drinks, I couldn't find drinks. One specific item was peach schnapps, which I think came from watching American Horror Story. Where Elsa offered a gentleman some schnapps in her tent. Who knows!?

The amount of time it took for me to configure the drinks and thinking about how they didn't have their drinks boggled my dream brain. I had failed... I thought to myself. Has anyone had these dreams? As a server or bartender? PLEASE SHARE! I want to know!

This has been a continuous pattern this week. I think maybe I could just be a little stressed or worried about the managing style I have.

Again..share your story!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Fifty Shades of Grey! -Beyonce #2

You're Welcome!

Fifty Shades Of Grey -Beyonce #1

Fifty Shades of Grey "The Movie" was announced earlier this year with a trailer featuring a re-make of Beyonce's "Crazy in love".

If this wasn't enough to get our #B-paws wet...

The newest trailer was aired tonight on ABC during a commercial break of "SCANDAL".Beyonce was featured again, but with her song "Haunted" from her surprise album "Beyonce". Olivia Pope is definitely handling this situation in America!

Beyonce #1

Beyonce #2

See next blog...

Coming Soon! Hating on Haters!

There will be a weekly segment on this blog with awful reviews from Google, Yelp & anywhere else I can find them. I want to just point out how horrible and mean people are to restaurants. Needless to say most of them have never worked in a restaurant or know what good service might be. 

What ever happened to giving good reviews? There is probably about less than 25% good reviews out there. 

Monday, November 10, 2014

It’s Closing Time...

This has not happened to me in a while...BUT it does happen. (Read link above NOW!). I feel for the servers and I feel bad for managers who really have to endure the servers who ACTUALLY have to respond to the person who decides to stay at 9:58pm when a restaurant is set to close at 10pm. The guests tend to stay usually about an extra hour. Oh! and when the restaurant is corporate/chain/private group...etc... you must serve them with a smile. Your job may be on the line.

You will get a corporate person calling you first thing in the morning if you don't serve that guest...OR an Immediate e-mail to contact that horrible customer and apologize to them for being a douche.