Sunday, November 30, 2014

Teachers...I can love them...or... I can hate them!

This post is dedicated to OPRAH!

I learned early on in life that teachers are amazing. They are basically your moms while you are in school. These people are with you all day or for a full hour or so everyday. I mastered the teacher's pet definition when I was in school, before ONLINE-College.

Oprah re-assured me that teacher's were God's gift to earth. It reminded me that they were a select awesome group of people.

I became a server... I began serving groups of teachers at a Tavern in Nashua, NH.

I now know the following:
1. If a group of teachers are getting together, make a a note of who is getting what. They will always ask for the check to be split. They are going to claim they are the lowest paid profession. (I know a couple teachers making 70k or more)

2. Know what you are charging for and the pricing. They will make sure they know what price the menu says or any discrepancies) and how to tip 20% or less and nothing more than 15%.

If there is a grammatical error in your menu or speech, they win the case. No, you aren't in court or dealing with a lawyer, a teacher called you out and they taught you...YOU LOSE.

Overall, just be prepared for these guests, who love and raise our "Children of the future" to certainly be ready for a good time but to also be as critical of the service they get as they are about every book report or math test that comes across their desks. Today's PREPARED!

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