Thursday, October 23, 2014

Splitting Hairs!

Splitting Hairs... from your head to the food you eat at any restaurant.

I personally think hair found in your food isn't as gross as finding fruit flies in your liquor drink or just God Awful food!

Most of the time hair found in guests' food is there own. "How do you figure"?, you say...

Let's break it down... 1. Most kitchen staff are men who have really short or shaven heads. 2. Most restaurants require they wear a hat. 3. The servers are required to have their hair off their shoulders. (Although, I tend to catch a few touching their hair, which really pisses me off, and I immediately rush them to the restroom).

The funny thing is... most people find long women's hair wrapped around a chicken wing or at the bottom of their salad... How exactly does that happen? Unless someone in the plant who manufactures the raw meats or greens dropped hair out of their hairnets.

I just don't understand the logic... Is it that they don't want to pay for a full meal? Do they get off on writing bad Yelp reviews? Or just want to make the restaurant seem dirty? Either way, it's a growing issue. I keep looking at the hair and walk by the table and even though the guests swear it's not their hair (they must be color blind) it's an exact match.

As I sit at any restaurant or bar and watch other guests I see women are always playing with their hair even over their food. They are the ones who ALWAYS send back their food...from my experience...

Dare to Draw!

The photo attached is a quick sketch that my buddy Chris Murray quickly drew off a terrible facebook photo of mine.

Be sure to check out his blog and of course his talented art.

Lunch Tippers!

I have not served in about a year, but do manage and see that whether you are a on lunch or visit a restaurant during "lunch time", guests think that it's ok to TIP less.

Let me explain what happens in most restaurants during lunch time...
Most restaurants do their best, because management knows you have 30 minutes to an hour until you have to get back to work.

You are getting the same quality of service, while servers and especially cooks are supposed to be busting their ass to make sure you eat and get out in time.
I must say, there are times a ticket is missed or something may take longer (well done burger). Most of the time if this happens you get a comped meal.

Back to the subject, I don't understand why it's ok for guests to tip their server less than 20% just because it's lunch. Just my observation and opinion. 

On that same note, many restaurants have specials for lunch. For Example; 1/2 price burgers or just reduced prices on something on a certain day of the week. Many servers will put the original receipt in the check presenter to show the guests "what their bill should have been". Many guests tend to just tip on the discounted amount. 

I'd like the opinion of guests on what they think when they go out to eat and how they base what they are going to tip.