Monday, August 22, 2016

I'm coming home...

Hey Readers!

It's definitely been a while since I posted anything. Life has been quite the roller-coaster,  but the kind I think I like...

For those who have never read my blog...Welcome! I'll make this a nightly treat!

So0o... tonight I come home from a closing shift at work.

My dishwasher needs to be emptied. My laundry is still in the washer...and luckily my cat (mind you is still in dis-array cuz her two feline friends moved out is f-ing crazy) is somewhat calm.

I take my nightly liquids (if you know me you know what that entails) and begin the cleaning process.

As most of you who work with me know, I consider myself what is hard to find...say it... A WORKING MANAGER!

When I come home...I'd like to relax, but when the above or my apartment isn't up to par... my O.C.D. kicks in and begin to organize and clean to what I expect my house to look like at...2am.

Do you ever come home and get annoyed that little stuff isn't cleaned up or just messy?

I'm the type who makes my bed before work, even if it makes me late (which isn't the case anymore) because if I come makes me more calm. Try it!

Try coming home to my litter box smelling. Shitty kitty (Haha Noel). My dishes are still in the dishwasher... (oh wait, their mine...I think). The trash/recycling is never taken out...or in the wrong barrel... (f*ck me).

As a restaurant manager and as a working manager I bust my ass helping my team which isn't said for many floor managers or GMs. But, when I get home and spot clean when I'm suppose to breathe and "relax" I'm more tense.

I sometimes consider a new career in counseling  (I am an adult babysitter) or some type of organizational living, but I just don't know.

Who else gets home and does this extra cleaning?

I legit came home and...
1. Clean the litter box
2. Chang the laundry
3. Clorox wiped the kitchen
4. Took out trash
5. Emptied then dishwasher
6. Fold laundry

I need a true vacation where I have no worries.

Can I have an A-men!?

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