Monday, December 29, 2014

Where's your party meeting?

I sometimes wonder what is wrong with the people in today's world, When they enter a restaurant, I just keep singing "If YOU only had a brain..." Don't you..?.Servers? Few in far between there is a day...during a season...where you have a party... that you expect to be perfect... and make boat loads of money...

 I had a server the ready to take a party of 20 in the BAR AREA (some of you may want to call it a lounge). Which means there are segregated tables where guests, such as yourself, can order food and drinks (even just drinks) but ... a server will serve you.

The guests decided to not go to the table from the start, while it was ready and so was the server. Each person, ONE-BY-ONE went to the bar then to the table. Completely depriving the server of any alcoholic drinks on their check except food. Which we all know is shared or not eaten.

I'll give you another scenario. Many times in this "BAR" area guests who get drinks at the bar will take up a table. As much as this annoys the server, because it is their assigned section (not just open tables) they are okay with the fact more-so because they don't need to worry about you. "You didn't want table service or a server? You can go to the bar! So...F*ck off when you want a re-fill".

People I've experienced are 1. Pretty Cheap 2. Fake 3. Get a clue. 4. Tip your damn server!!! 5. You are awesome! 6. Thank You for understanding!

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