Monday, November 17, 2014

Server Dreams!

The other day I was telling one of my favorite bartenders how I had a weird dream...

"I had trouble sleeping, but when I did the dream right before, I thought I was late for work... I dreamed... That I was on a vacation on a tropical island (I always have wanted to travel to Figi) where people with me had specific orders and I thought because of my bar and server knowledge I would get their drinks and figure out how I would teach/tell their server how to ring it in later."

Unfortunately, it appears that in dreams your subconscious is your worst enemy. As I was trying to make drinks, I couldn't find drinks. One specific item was peach schnapps, which I think came from watching American Horror Story. Where Elsa offered a gentleman some schnapps in her tent. Who knows!?

The amount of time it took for me to configure the drinks and thinking about how they didn't have their drinks boggled my dream brain. I had failed... I thought to myself. Has anyone had these dreams? As a server or bartender? PLEASE SHARE! I want to know!

This has been a continuous pattern this week. I think maybe I could just be a little stressed or worried about the managing style I have.

Again..share your story!

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