Friday, September 19, 2014

Self Seaters

Ever have those guests who have never worked in a restaurant, who seat themselves?
Have you ever had those guests that walk up past the host stand and ask you if they should just seat themselves?

Question to them...When was the last time you went to a restaurant?
Essentially, every restaurant in 2014 now has a host stand and preaches guest service. This is to again essentially try to give you a "Disney World" experience. This is because of horrible websites like Yelp.
So, back to self seaters...

I had these ladies walk back up to the host stand and ask me if I'm the manager. They then go on to tell me that they sat down at a table where they did not have a server approach their table. The server got a drink order at the table next to them and brought that table drinks. Yet, hadnt gotten to them. "This is what you would call bad service", they said.

I apologized and asked them if they would stay and i'd take care of them (nothing free, of course) by giving them a better experience. They denied the offer.
I asked the 3 hosts to tell me where any of them could have been seated... not one specifically sat them. I had a couple servers that were too busy to notice and no clue what server wasn't watching their section.

So, out of 3 hosts and servers who had that section do not know where these women sat. Everyone did remember 2 african American women passing them or in the restaurant stopping to talk to me.

I guess a quick solve to all of this would be if people when they enter a restaurant find the host stand and kindly wait to be seated. Don't be stupid. 

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