Friday, September 19, 2014

Nguyean Vietnamese

I was recommended to try this little place in Swampscott, Massachusetts. It was presented when you walked in as "fine dining". The chairs and table sets were perfect. The server was super sweet as well. I was rather hungry, so I ordered a salad, couple pieces of sushi and some Sirloin Steak Pho. It was absolutely amazing! Our server Veronica gave awesome service, including some recommendations and seemed so knowledgeable about the menu. It was so good I woke up wanting to eat more. The good thing is I took home the leftover broth.

It was weird because as a restaurant manager all I do is preach guest service. So, when I go out to eat all I do is judge and look for imperfections. I was going to do this at this restaurant, but the second the food arrived and I realized I was in good hands, I had a great time out; without judgement and just happy as can be with my party. I will definitely go back.

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