Saturday, September 27, 2014

Dumb Questions!

No one says it better than The Bitchy Waiter,
In "The 20 worst questions to ask your server".

There he shares the most common questions any current Front of House staff, but specifically servers endure on a daily basis.

One of my favorite is...
6. "What's taking my well-done burger so long, did they have to go kill the cow?"

Stupid questions like these drive me crazy. Especially because as stated by the bitchy waiter as servers hearing stupid lines a million times.

One thing that really drives me crazy is similar to number 12...

12. "Can I get a little extra liquor in my drink?"

...Can I get less ice in my drink?
The answer... sure but it doesn't mean you are getting more liquor! If anything you are getting more soda or juice.

Think before you ask. As most Front of House staff say, everyone should work in a restaurant once in their life.

Be sure to check out The Bitchy Waiter!

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