Thursday, September 11, 2014


Tonight was my first time ever visiting Rockafellas.

Our server was great and attentive.

I dont want to come off as a bad Yelp reviewer, because those people suck. Most are fat and just love complaining that they go out to eat alone.

I love food and I've eaten at some amazing fine dining restaurant as well as regular deep-fried bar food.

Tonight, I ordered the Short Rib (cooked pretty well) that sat in the window a minute too long as it waited for my accompaniments Med Well steak tips, that were sent back as being rare. Weird...I know...

Garlic Mashed were super dry regular mashed, corrected with a little butter, salt n pepper at the table.

Good notes: Drinks & Caesar Salad were tasty!
Oh!...& Courtney was super nice!

Result: You literally have 2 more strikes! This explains why we were the only two diners. You are in the central area of Salem, MA! Step it up!

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