Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Host/Server rants...

This afternoon as I was checking my Facebook, I came across a beautiful piece of work... It was a paragraph of what any server or host (those who actually have a brain) would think to themselves on any given day... but all summed up into one. 

My good friend Alycia shared the following with her friends: 
"I hate it when guests walk through a lobby full of people on a Friday night and says "you're not on a wait, right?". I hate it when guests don't read the menu. I hate it when I'm behind the host stand and guest ask me if they just seat themselves. I hate it when guests think they're being funny. I hate it that guests only want to talk to me when I'm running seven other tables. I hate it when parents let their kids make huge messes all over the table. I hate olives. I especially hate it when a guest walks in and refers to their child as "a half". I hate it when a guest complains to me about how their drink is not strong enough. I hate it when I ask a party if they're ready to order, they say yes and then keep on discussing what they want. I hate it that that always happens when I'm also running seven other tables. I hate it when I approach a table and they ignore me. I hate it even more when they call me back as I'm walking away. I hate it when a table tries to talk me when I'm clearly helping another table. It's a good thing that I actually like my jobs though."
Bravo! Love, Bravo! You made my day!

Source: Alycia Vasquez

Image: Dumb & Dumber. All Rights Reserved.

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